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New, fossil free products manufactured from renewable resources.

In order to reduce the carbon footprint and to curb climate change, it is important to reduce the use of fossil resources and the share of greenhouse gas emissions. By using bio-based material in products and packaging, the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere can decrease, which is a significant factor for our planet and future generations.


Our bio products are made of bio-based polyethylene entirely made from sugarcane. Unlike traditional polyethylene where fossil raw materials such as oil and natural gas are used, sugarcane is completely renewable. Since plastic litter is such an enormous problem across the globe, we want to make sure that our sugarcane-plastic has a green end. When bio-based products are recycled at the end of their life cycle, the same amount carbon dioxide that was captured during the sugarcane cultivation process is released. This keeps the carbon in the system and the carbon footprint decreases.


When taking the necessary steps towards a more sustainable future, it is important that future plastic materials are made from renewable raw materials. In addition to the production of our fossil free bio products, we are using bio-based packaging material.

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